Newquay's Only Live Theatre

An Evening of 2 One Act Plays – 18th to 21st September 2024

18th to 21st September 2024

7.30 pm

Newquay Dramatic Society presents
An Evening of 2 One Act Plays


The Nearly New Sale.  
Harry and Liz are presented with the opportunity to reverse their misery and grief in life.  They need only sign it away to a dealer prepared to buy anything. With this prospect, however, comes the chance to correct those years, as they realise that they can negotiate for better lives independently then they might have together… Or do they?
Who is Millbank Milly?
Is she a witch or just a harmless old biddy? Is she a highly intelligent but dangerous psychopath or a philanthropist with a desire to help those in need? Whoever she is it is clear that Millbank Milly is no ordinary bag lady. Her mysterious appearance in a public park create a wide range of emotions and the people who cross her path have varying opinions about who and what she is.
“It’s up to you to decide” she says casually.

Tickets £12.50