Thur, Fri, Sat, 23rd/24th/25th/30th/31st March/1st April 2017
7.30 pm

Newquay Dramatic Society presents 

Crime on Goat Island
Directed by David Faulkner

CRIME ON GOAT ISLAND is a fascinating play which can be viewed on more than one level.

On the surface it is a haunting, psychological thriller.
Three women live alone in self-imposed exile. Until a wandering libertine appears and convincing them that ”A little sin” would be good for them.
Dig a little deeper and you find yourself in the self-imposed purgatory of Goat Island.

How did they get there?
And who is the young man?
Is he an Angel or is he the Devil?
But what is the Crime?

Tickets £10.00/ £9.00 concessions

By courtesy of Samuel French Ltd