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Tues/Wed from 5th September to 11th October 2017

8.00 pm

Newquay Dramatic Society presents

A fast moving comedy by Hilary Mackelden
Directed by Susie Bundy

Harry is newly arrived in Hell and he’s not happy about it, he feels he was taken before his time, but Claude Deville isn’t open to appeals. Harry is given an assignment to bring a soul back to Hell in exchange for eternity away from the Sulphur Mines. But Harry has help on his side…

The Mayor of Muddleby, William Green, wants to make money by helping the developer, Claude Deville, buy the town Church, which has no congregation and seems surplus to requirements. Green doesn’t know that Claude is really the devil, and not only does he want the Church, he wants Green’s soul as well. Green is scheduled to die in six months, and if he dies without turning to God, he becomes Claude’s. Things start to go wrong when new Vicar Joe Ketchall arrives. Joe is keen and eager for revival. Worse, he’s praying for Green. Claude sends his best operative, Evelyn to ensure Green does not change sides. He also sends a trainee, Harry. Harry is young and mischievous, somewhat an innocent abroad; Evelyn calls him more of a hindrance than a help. But it is imperative to Claude that Harry damns at least one soul as soon as possible. Will Mr Green fall foul of Claude’s plans, or will he be saved by the power of the Vicars prayers? Will revival happen or will the empty Church die? and why is Claude so keen for Harry to damn someone? All will be revealed as the play unfolds

Tickets £8.00/£7.00 concessions


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